dj mindstalker “in control”

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I'm going to do a pre-holiday 12 days of anti-xmas behind the music stories for some tracks from the catalogue. I very much enjoy folk to takeaway their own vibe or meaning from things but sometimes the circumstance around a track is a fun surprise.

on the second day of oontzmas controlfreak gave to me... two in control and some oontz in a tree...

here is a track from my favourite album no one has heard, dj mindstalker.

in the mid 90s at uni (lol olde), my bandmate Andy said he met a chap making a movie and was interested in some electronic soundtrack. Cool! We met with the guy and it turns out a small missed detail was that it was a porn. These days, I rather hate the pron “industry” for how bad it chews up and throws away damaged such a massive percentage of participants. But at that time I reckoned no shame, if shit is consensual and with health and safety of all a priority, I wasn't adverse. We made an opening and closing track but I honestly don't know if the porn was ever made, nor did I ever find the master tape. The point is, the vibe was dark tech and that carried into what I eventually called dj mindstalker for various dj/drum/video performance tours around scandinavia, germany and n. america and a single self-titled album. see also “orb3” for even more introspective techno.

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I am working on new music for 2023. Unfortunately my health has been seriously hindering creative work and employment so I use whatever energy I do muster for gardening to feed the fam and trickle some volatile market income. In #solidarity all my music is always free or donation and creative commons share alike. If you are in a position to have some coin to donate it will be well received.

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