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I'm going to do a pre-holiday 12 days of anti-xmas behind the music stories for some tracks from the catalogue. I very much enjoy folk to takeaway their own vibe or meaning from things but sometimes the circumstance around a track is a fun surprise.

on the third day of oontzmas controlfreak gave to me... three synergy and some oontz in a tree...

One time we were playing a show with funker vogt. I never really spoke to them, couldn't tell you if it was a bad night, bad week, or if they were/are truly pompous egotistical man babies but here is a receipt.

We set up, rocked sound check, all good in the hood. And then promoters are all like “the headliners don't want you to have backing video”. Mate your joking right? “No, they will refuse to play if you have backing video”. Bear in mind, we had our own media playing device and were connected to venue owned permanent installed projection. Bunch of calls to record labels, various back and forths and finally all clear.

Sweet. We take the stage lights. The headliners had bullied and harassed the venue to give us no light show. Come to find out, their video was literally just a loop of DOOM play. Ours was awesome glitched and hacked self shot footage and very cool mixed media urban decay collage my brother did.

Truly a dick move, but added upshot, the video looked even better in the dark. so LOL ya jerks.

here is “synergy” a track that would have been being tested pre-release around that time frame. it has waay too long of an intro, soz.

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I am working on new music for 2023. Unfortunately my health has been seriously hindering creative work and employment so I use whatever energy I do muster for gardening to feed the fam and trickle some volatile market income. In #solidarity all my music is always free or donation and creative commons share alike. If you are in a position to have some coin to donate it will be well received.

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