C2 the four thieves

#12daysofoontzmas #behindthemusic

I'm going to do a pre-holiday 12 days of anti-xmas behind the music stories for some tracks from the catalogue. I very much enjoy folk to takeaway their own vibe or meaning from things but sometimes the circumstance around a track is a fun surprise.

on the fourth day of oontzmas controlfreak gave to me... the four thieves and some oontz in a tree... https://control.bandcamp.com/track/the-four-thieves

the first entry in the 12 days of oontzmas from the massive QUADRANTS project. this was a 16 track album, 4 EPs of four tracks each, themed to one of a classic human temperaments and each using only sound source mangled from each corresponding quadrants of the main album. There was also some written material and visuals in a very diy booklet. This project actually saved my life. I had been going thru some misdiagnoses and things with what has come to be my disability. working with some old mates for spoken word, sound source and the visuals I funnelled a whole lot of pain and anger and darkness into the whole series and it stands as a proud monument to survival.

this track was a live staple during the QUADRANTS and PENTALOGY era tours from C2. the CHOLERIC EP was a heavily dance orientated part of the release series.

#powernoise #ebm #industrial #electro #synth #dark #fediart #mastomusic

I am working on new music for 2023. Unfortunately my health has been seriously hindering creative work and employment so I use whatever energy I do muster for gardening to feed the fam and trickle some volatile market income. In #solidarity all my music is always free or donation and creative commons share alike. If you are in a position to have some coin to donate it will be well received.

you can get most of the catalgoue in whatever format you like for free or donation at https://control.bandcamp.com

or alternatively a link to everything via https://liberapay.com/control

some things are also at https://controlfreak-studio.itch.io

and lastly https://ko-fi.com/ctrlfrk

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