C2 poly

#12daysofoontzmas #behindthemusic

I'm going to do a pre-holiday 12 days of anti-xmas behind the music stories for some tracks from the catalogue. I very much enjoy folk to takeaway their own vibe or meaning from things but sometimes the circumstance around a track is a fun surprise.

on the fifth day of oontzmas controlfreak gave to me... the track called poly and some oontz in a tree...


a slightly more introspective track that builds and kicks it up a few notches further in. from the album cubed. skirting a weird time with some industrial, powernoise, dnb, ebm, atmospheric and noise elements, at the time some reviews were a bit shitty that it wasn't the same sound all the way through. I've never really done that and still don't so whatever. This era of stuff got a lot of underground club play in the UK maybe because of those element crossovers. I have always been a proponent of distortion but not like a lot of laptop and pedal jockeys did by decimating canned loops or just obliterating everything to the point of no meanigful space or rhythm. side note the relentless booming straight beat title track has samples from a cooking show!

from this album things are a bit: noisy – “twenty”, “access”, “whore” distorted dnb – “multi” smoke machine beats – “cubed”, “security breach”, “C2”, “crowd control” wtf – “rockstar”

so this track “poly” was made specifically thinking about live performance to add some space and atmosphere and a mild break the the frenetic drumming required for almost all other C2.

see also, if you are in the mood to scare the living bejeebus out of and/or PA battle with the neighbours they are going to absolutely love “rockstar”, that shit even upsets me slightly.

ok oontz on!

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I am working on new music for 2023. Unfortunately my health has been seriously hindering creative work and employment so I use whatever energy I do muster for gardening to feed the fam and trickle some volatile market income. In #solidarity all my music is always free or donation and creative commons share alike. If you are in a position to have some coin to donate it will be well received.

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